Together for Biodiversity

What is InBIO?

A Partnership for Biodiversity
InBIO – RESEARCH NETWORK IN BIODIVERSITY AND EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY is an Associate Laboratory that results from a collaborative partnership between CIBIO – RESEARCH CENTER IN BIODIVERSITY AND GENETIC RESOURCES and CEABN - CENTRE FOR APPLIED ECOLOGY "PROF. BAETA NEVES" with the mission of conducting top level basic and applied research on biodiversity and evolution.
InBIO's mission
InBIO is committed to conduct high quality research to become a strong, competitive, and internationally recognized network of excellence in the fields of evolutionary biology, biodiversity and conservation.
The Centre carries out scientific and educational activities for public and private institutions and the general public in the areas of biodiversity conservation and use of biological resources.
The status of Associate Laboratory

Since January 2011, InBIO has been recognized as an ASSOCIATE LABORATORY.
Granted by the Ministry of Education and Science, the status of Associate Laboratory is conferred to PUBLIC OR NON-PROFIT PRIVATE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH UNITS “selected to COLLABORATE IN SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT’S SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY, including advising the design of programmes and policies” (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT).


There are currently 26 ASSOCIATE LABORATORIES IN PORTUGAL. All these research units are required to consistently demonstrate their ability to develop top class research at national and international levels.
To find out more about Portuguese Associate Laboratories, please visit FCT’s website.