Together for Biodiversity

Taking matters into our own hands

To carry out research at a very competitive level in the areas of biodiversity and evolutionary biology our research centre fosters a high level of INTERDISCIPLINARITY. We promote COLLABORATIVE AND INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH WORK by setting the stage for researchers from various areas to work together, e.g. ecology, genetics, genomics, systematics, phylogenetics, evolucionary biology, bioinformatics, forestry, microbiology , modeling, environmental archeology, behavior ecology. With all these SYNERGIES we are in a privileged position to identify the most pressing scientific issues in our field and DEVELOP COMPETITIVE RESEARCH PROGRAMS AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.




InBIO brings together TWO RESEARCH CENTRES with considerable affinity and complementarity in the fields of biodiversity and evolutionary biology, allowing a SOLID SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION and the COMMON USE OF FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT as well as the DEFINITION OF NOVEL RESEARCH LINES.
Furthermore, the participation in INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS offers many opportunities for new and exciting research collaborations and training.